Program Updates / NCPDP Version D.0 (Last updated 2/27/2013 13:00)


Please use the following links as your primary source for information related to PPC Programs and NCPDP D.0.  They will contain the latest information, and will be the first source to be updated.  Due to the anticipated increase in volume, we ask that these links be used before contacting our Call Center for help with Electronic Claims Submission (ECS). 

Frequently Asked Questions

PPC Program Updates

ECS Processor File Update

Patient Location (5.1) to Patient Residence (D.0) Mapping

Place of Service codes - Conversion from 5.1 to D.0 for Medi-Cal

PPLANS - Basic settings for a D.0 PPLAN (PDF - opens in a separate window)

PPLANS - What to do if you are running out of PPLANS

PPLANS - How to automatically convert PPLANS from 5.1 to D.0.

Videos: (WMV files - opens in Windows Media Player)

PPLANS - How to change a plan from NCPDP 5.1 to  D.0

PPLANS - How to find available PPLANS using the OLDPLANS Program

Remote On-Line Support


Under the direction of our Support Staff, use this link to access Remote On-Line Support:

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