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OldPlans - Running out of PPLANS?



With the change to NCPDP D.0, it may become necessary to add new PPLANS.  For example, as of January 1, 2012, Medicare Part D Claims through Express Scripts and Aetna will require the use of new PCN’s and therefore the need for separate PPLAN’s.  The PPC system is limited to 250 different PPLANS.  This could cause complications if you use a large number of plans.

If you are concerned that you may exceed the number of available PPLANS or have difficulty finding unused PPLAN numbers, then read on.

The OLDPLANS Program

There is a new program included with the 12.1C update that may help.  This program is called “OLDPLANS.”  It can be run at anytime on any workstation that has access to a reports printer.  This program generates a report with the following information:

1. PPLANS Used: This report lists all active PPLANS along with the last date a script was filled using this plan.  This report gives you a good indication of which plans are actively being used, and which plans are not.  For example, a "Last" date of 12/31/2005 would tell you that no scripts have been filled using this plan from 1/1/2006 forward.  In this case, if you purged all data from the system older than 1/1/2006, this PPLAN would no longer have any Rxs associated with it.  It could be safely reused.

2.Unused PPLANS to Inactivate:  This report lists all PPLANS for which there are no Rxs on file.  They could be PPLANS that were added but never used, or where all Rx data for these plans have been purged out of the system.  In any case, they would be available to be re-used.

3. Available PPLAN  Numbers: These PPLAN numbers have never been used or are currently deactivated.  They should be safe to re-use.

How to run OLDPLANS

The OLDPLANS program can be run at any time, on any workstation that can run PPC programs and has access to a Reports (plain paper) printer.  It runs fastest on the "main" computer, or server.

To run the OLDPLANS program, you must be running PPC Version 12.1C or later.  Then do the following:

1. Click on "Programs" on the top menu bar in the RxWin program.

2. Select "Other"

3. At the prompt, type "oldplans" (upper or lower case, without the "" marks) and press enter.

4. At the prompt, "Print unused PPLANS to inactivate(Y/N)" enter "Y"

5. The program will run for several minutes.

6. If this is the first time you are running the OLDPLANS program, enter ""N" at the "Inactivate unused PPLANS" prompt.  This will give you the opportunity study the report and determine what course of action to take before making any changes to the system.

We suggest you use Available PPLANS first, as these have never been used.  If you run out of these, then re-use "Unused PPLANS."  Finally, if there are no other PPLANS available, you could either re-use PPLANS that have not been used in a long time, noting that any Rxs filled to these plans would reflect the new plan.