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ECS Processor File Update


Support for each BIN and PCN (Processor Control Number) is defined in a set of ECS Processor Control Files on your system.  These files are maintained by Opus-ISM and constantly updated.  There are separate files for NCPDP Version 5.1 and D.0.  To insure you have the latest files, click the ECS Update button below:


Note: If you get a "Patch Warning" that says "Missing or Invalid Registry /INI entry" when using the button above, please do the following:

* Click OK to close the Patch Warning dialog

* In RxWin, click on "File" and select "Command prompt"

* Type "olupdate" (without the quotes!) and hit enter.

* Type "N" for the disclaimer, and then "press any key to continue."

* Type "exit" at the prompt

* Press F5 to refresh your browser and/or navigate back to this screen.

* Click the button again and the update should be "APPLIED!"