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Frequently Asked Questions / Known Issues


When I try to transmit a claim I see a message that says "Error finding processor information."  This will occur if the PCN field in the pplan is not set properly.  Make sure it is set to the proper value, and enter through all of the fields in the ECS section before escaping out of the pplan.

How do I change a PPLAN to send claims using NCPDP vD.0?  Change the ECS field in the PPLAN to 2 (box 3, line 5).  Be sure to enter through the rest of the fields in box 3, checking to make sure the ECS field remains set to 2.

Medco is charging $.99 per claim sent using 5.1.  What can I do to avoid this? Make sure ALL of your Medco PPLANS are set to submit claims using D.0.  THIS IS NOT AUTOMATICALLY DONE FOR YOU!  Included with PPC Version 12.1E is a program that will help you update all PPLANS using the BINs listed below to D.0.  If you are not currently running 12.1E, click here for more information.

Please note that Medco utilizes multiple BINs. Following is a list of the BINs that must be changed, based on information from Medco's payer sheet: 610014, 610031, 610056, and 610084.  For a complete list of all Medco BINs, please contact Medco.  

Why am I receiving an ECS rejection indicating "Invalid Prescriber ID" ?  Verify the PPLANS settings.  Make sure that under the ECS settings, Option 1 is set to 20. This ensures that the prescriber's NPI number is being submitted in the claim.  You should also verify that the prescriber's NPI number is entered correctly in the Doctor file.

How do I add a multi-ingredient compound drug? Click here for detailed instructions.

When I start the Rx program, I see a message that says "Warning: Drug Support File is older than 21 days! " Click here for detailed instructions on how to update the drug support files.

How do I delete RPH initials?  First, identify the initials that need to be removed, then inform Product Support.  Product support will create a small program for you to run that will delete the initials, or will log on to your system and manually remove them.  Follow the steps below to facilitate the process described above:

1) Type the RPH command and enter initials that don't exist in the system (e.g. ZZZ).

2) The initials that do exist will appear at the bottom of the screen.  Press the F12 key to print this screen.

3) Circle the initials you wish to remove and fax the printout to Product Support at (559)276-6178.

How do I add a new user to PPC/RxWin?  Log in to RxWin as an administrator.  Select Setup, then System Security.  Click the "Add User" button.  Enter information as prompted (User and Passwords are case sensitive).  Mark the individual boxes to specify what features you want to allow this user to access, or select a button at the bottom of the screen to automatically select pre-defined settings.  Once you are satisfied with your selections, click the "Save" button.

I'm being audited and they want a report for all prescriptions processed through a certain bin/pcn.  How can I print this report?  From the RxWin screen, select Programs, then Other.  In the "Other" box, type CLMBYBIN and press ENTER, then follow the prompts on the screen.

How do I change my labels to print the full generic manufacturer's name?  In the Rx program, type the word OPTION at the top of the screen, then press ENTER.  At the OPTION screen, type W5, then press ENTER.  Type MFR:  and press ENTER (this will overwrite what was already there). Press the ESCAPE key to return to the Rx program.  To make this change go into effect on other computers, they must exit and restart Rx program (the RxWin program does not need to be restarted).  Note:  when selecting this option, the "generic for" information will be moved on the label to the same location where the drug description prints and will be printed in a very small font.