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Program Update 12.1A - Information and Installation Instructions


12.1A was released mid-December, 2012.

Below are links to PDF documents related to this update.  Click on the links to open the documents.  While viewing, right-click anywhere on the document and select "Print" to print a hardcopy:

1.      12.1A Introduction and Installation: Prerequisites and instructions for installing this update



If you did not receive a CD, you may use the button above titled "121A Full Update" to download the files for installation.  (Note: this download is very large and may take a long time to complete).  Once the files have been successfully downloaded, go to the PPC> prompt in a DOS window (from within RxWin click on Programs, then Command Prompt) and type 121A and press ENTER.  To complete the 121A program update installation follow the instructions in the section "Installing the program on Workstations" in the document titled "121A Introduction and Installation".  You may access this document using the link near the top of this page.